Safe Tap Check 9-Way

Safe Tap Check 9-Way Home Water Test Kit #487942

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their newest product Safe Tap Check 9-Way Home Water Test Kit. The Safe Tap Check 9-Way Home Water Check Kit makes testing accurate, affordable, and easy. The kit comes with two (2) test strips each for testing pH/Total Alkalinity/Total Chlorine/Total Hardness, Iron, Nitrate & Nitrite, EPA-Approved Free Chlorine, and Copper.

pH/Total Alkalinity/Total Chlorine/Total Hardness

pH is a measure of the acidic or basic property of water. Lower numbers indicate acids while higher numbers indicate bases.

EPA-Approved Free Chlorine

Free Chlorine is the primary sanitizing agent used by water treatment facilities in the United States to purify water.


Copper is not typically found in city tap water. The major source of copper in drinking water is corrosion of household pipes, fixtures, and faucets.


Iron is naturally occurring from rocks but can also arise from corrosion of plumbing materials.


Nitrate and Nitrite find their way into drinking water from farm fertilizer, industrial and biological waste, and natural forming mineral deposits.

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